Samsung News Reveals Product Updates for Galaxy Owners: News, Sports & More

In just one year since its launch, Samsung News has become a staple for millions of Galaxy device owners seeking timely and curated news delivered to the palm of their hand. With morning and evening briefings and custom feeds based on your personal interests, you can conveniently get the daily news you want in an easy to access format.

This summer, we are excited to expand our offerings with the introduction of a new product update enabling you to keep up with major upcoming events including the 2024 United States Presidential Election. We are also delivering exciting new sports programming to soccer enthusiasts across the country.

Samsung News has become a daily touchpoint for millions of people looking for easy to access updates from their favorite local and national news outlets,” said Avner Ronen, Vice President of Product Development for Samsung. “This year we’re making it even easier to keep up to date with breakout programming around the most important global events, and new content from even more premium partners.”

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming to Galaxy devices this summer.

Your Go-To for 2024 U.S. Presidential Election Coverage

More people than ever are getting their news digitally, with 86% of Americans turning to mobile phones, tablets or computers. With the 2024 U.S. Presidential Elections on the horizon, Samsung News is introducing a dedicated tab within the app that will serve as your hub for comprehensive election coverage.

Within the tab, which can also be found on the Samsung News navigation bar, you will have access to up-to-the-minute coverage from trusted sources; a calendar of key dates such as debates, party conventions and other upcoming events; candidate profiles and regularly updated presidential polls.

This update is available now to everyone in the U.S. and makes following the electoral process even easier, more engaging and accessible — all in real-time.

Expansion of News Content with Arrival of LALIGA

Alongside this exciting product update, we are thrilled to welcome LALIGA, one of the largest soccer leagues in the world, as our newest content partner. Ahead of kickoff for LALIGA’s 94th season, you can now explore a curation of the latest and trending news stories about your favorite team or players.

As Alan Nissim, Head of Business Operations for LALIGA North America said, “our goal is to deliver content to our fans wherever they are, and partnering with Samsung News will allow millions of our fans to stay updated with the latest news on LALIGA. This partnership will serve as a new tool to not only promote the league and its clubs, but also expand our reach in North America through a timely and effective channel.”

Ongoing Commitment to Mobile News

In addition to LALIGA EA Sports, Samsung News has also welcomed new partners such as Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CNBC, Good Morning America and many more to the app over the previous year, ensuring the service meets audiences’ continued appetite for trending, breaking and local news.

Personalized for you, by you. Handpick the sources you trust and filter out the ones you don’t, curating a tailored feed.

As more people rely on mobile platforms for their daily news and sports updates, Samsung News continues to stand out as the destination for millions of Galaxy device owners with its reliability, diversity and customizable content.

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