Tesco Mobile launches a new type of contract

Tesco Mobile launches a new type of contract
This isn’t a mobile plan or tariff, instead Tesco Mobile have developed a contract or agreement that you can download here for your family. It sets out an agreement on mobile usage rules within the house. Families can print it out, then talk about it and fill it in together.

Tesco are hoping that parents will have a conversation with children about their first mobile phone and responsible usage.

Tesco Mobile launches a new type of contract

The agreement covers safety, usage and keeping an open discussion about what is on the phone, what should and what shouldn’t be accessed. This contract can then be used to ensure that kids keep to usage agreements and ensuring that permission is asked before doing certain things online with the phone.

In the “old days” when I used to work for an internet provider (before kids started having phones that could actually browse the internet and do all the fully-featured connected things they can now), I always told parents to ensure that children used a central computer in a shared room. Today, with peer-pressure and an increasing desire for kids to be connected, this can’t really be done, so the agreement sets up trust between parents and children with boundaries on usage.

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