Smartphones – Opening the door for you and to you

I mentioned recently how smartphones can pose a danger to kids. This is because of the ease and the instant nature to which live video feeds can be pushed out onto the internet. Gone are the days when smutty websites were the only ones offering webcam content. Now your son or daughter is doing it too.

Social media sites are facing a challenge. They need to attract users and they want to make full use of your smartphone. Their argument is that, if they didn’t offer the live streaming functionality and the commenting interaction, someone else would, and that site would become more popular.

Smartphones   Opening the door for you and to you

Likewise, the gambling industry has found itself in deep water. Just recently one site ended up in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for a “socially irresponsible” ad showing gambling in the workplace.

Trouble is, smartphones offer millions of people free access into your home. Also, as many of us are no doubt aware, they also offer you unlimited access to sites and services at all hours of the day or night.

Smartphones   Opening the door for you and to you

So you can gamble whilst on a coffee break at work. You can gamble while you’re taking a “bathroom break” and everywhere in between. However, if you’ve watched any TV show after 10PM at night, you’ll no doubt be aware that there’s many, many gambling websites offering many, many deals to get you to sign up.

AskGamblers is a website dedicated to helping spread honest and helpful information in a world filled with people trying to mislead players. AskGamblers holds gaming websites accountable and ensures everyone gets a fair game. They work hard to spread the most accurate information, and their new Gambling Guide is no exception.

Smartphones   Opening the door for you and to you

This new Gambling Guide is an extension of what they’ve been doing all along, which is spreading the types of important information that other entities might not be in a hurry to share.

In the AskGamblers Gambling Guide you can, in perhaps your own free time rather than at work, gain the knowledge that will help increase your chances of winning. Gambling sites will do everything they can to tilt things in their favour, so you need to arm yourself and ensure that you’re well versed before thinking about gambling on your phone with real money.

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